You Break It. I Replace It.

During a recent meeting with a local store here in Billings, I was showing one of my colanders and an employee said, “Oh I would love to have something like that, but it would never last in my house. It would just get broken.” I’ve had a number of similar conversations. I think that the “preciousness” of handmade work keeps some people from making a purchase, because they have a desire to preserve the item, which negates the purpose of functionalRead more

Spring Studio Tour

After three and a half months of not being able to get clean water flowing in my throwing room besides what I bring in buckets, I was on the verge of a Martha Stewart-worthy meltdown. Making pottery is a messy business. Ideally, a pottery studio would have running water with a dual sink and a clay trap. I don’t have that, but I enjoy my studio space more than any space I’ve worked before. Luckily, the warm weather came justRead more