You Break It. I Replace It.

During a recent meeting with a local store here in Billings, I was showing one of my colanders and an employee said, “Oh I would love to have something like that, but it would never last in my house. It would just get broken.”

I’ve had a number of similar conversations. I think that the “preciousness” of handmade work keeps some people from making a purchase, because they have a desire to preserve the item, which negates the purpose of functional artwork.

I truly believe that using unique, handmade items in daily life improves the experience of living. I don’t want my clients to worry about whether or not they will leave a mug on the roof of their car and drive away or drop a bowl on their floor. That stuff happens.

So, I’ve decided to implement a new policy.

You break it. I replace it.

I’ll make you a deal. If you accidently break a 504 Square Feet piece of pottery, I will replace it for free. Well, almost for free. If you send me the broken pieces and tell me the story of its life, I will make a replacement piece for you. Did it live on the counter, hang on the wall or have a place in your cabinet? Did you purchase it yourself or receive it as a gift? Who gave it to you and what was the occasion? Tell me about a time or two when you used the item. How did it break?

Why would I do this? I don’t want you to buy a mass-produced, cheaply-made bowl from Wal-Mart just because it’s inexpensive when you’d prefer to have a piece of artwork. You’ll have to replace that cheap mass-produced item a dozen times over during your lifetime anyway.

Now the fine print: Clients will be responsible for shipping costs (if you can’t come by the studio to pick up the replacement in person). Also, I may use the story you tell me in my marketing materials (I will keep the stories anonymous). Making the replacement will need to fit into my workload schedule, so I can’t guarantee a replacement immediately. I will provide a comparable replacement, but depending on the clays and glazes I am using at the time it may not look just like the original. Also, if I feel like the policy is being abused I reserve the right to cancel the policy for an individual (I don’t ever anticipate this happening, but I thought it should be said).

I offer this guarantee not only because I believe in the quality of the work, but because I want others to feel the same personal satisfaction that I feel in owning and using unique, functional works of art every day without having to worry about the loss if it breaks.

So, now you can go to my Etsy page or come by my studio for the 1st Annual Day before Mother’s Day Sale and purchase something you love worry free.

2 responses to You Break It. I Replace It.

  1. Dick Hanson says:

    Several months ago I ordered a 406 coffee cup when you were at Lucky’s in Billings.
    I haven’t heard anything from you and thought I’d better check on it.

    • Hi Dick! THanks so much for your message. That sale was insanely crazy. We sold out completely in 3 hours. I fear I may have misplaced your order. Would you mind please emailing it to me at and I will get on it right away? Thanks so much!

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