Jeremy and Cassy KramerOur Philosophy

504 square feet is the size of the first home we purchased in Portland, Oregon. We had studio space outside of the house and a large yard with a garden, but 504 square feet was the amount of space we had to fill with the things we used in every day home life. When we moved into our small 504 square foot home we had to decide what to keep and what to donate or sell, and it’s when we really began to consider the quality and meaning of each of the objects in our home; because to decide to keep an item meant that we touched it every day. So, when we decided to start a business creating ceramic work and home décor, 504 Square Feet seemed to be an appropriate name. We make items we hope that you will not just use to drink out of, or serve food in or decorate your home. We make items that we hope you love and cherish. If you have 504 square feet to live in or 5,400 square feet, your home should be filled with objects that enhance the experience of living and that help you to love the space you live in. — Jeremy and Cassy Kramer 

Cassy Profile Pic 2Cassy Crafton Kramer
Owner, Potter

Cassy began making pottery at Montana State University Billings more than a decade ago. After graduating from college she moved to Baltimore, Maryland where she worked in Washington D.C. for the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution; in Baltimore as the Guest Services Manager for a boutique hotel in Cross Keys; and then as the writer/project coordinator for Neustadt Creative Marketing, a higher education marketing firm. She was also a community mediator for the Baltimore Community Mediation Center.

In 2007, Cassy moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked as the Business Development Manager for a political public relations and marketing firm called Pac/West. In 2010 she and Jeremy were presented with the opportunity to move back to their Billings home. For two years Cassy continued to work remotely managing new business for Pac/West from Montana.

In 2012 she decided that the time was right to start 504 Square Feet, an idea that had been brewing since living in their small, but efficiently organized, comfortable and cozy, 504 square foot home in Oregon. Cassy now works full time from her home-based ceramics studio creating functional ceramic work that she hopes will enhance her clients’ enjoyment of everyday life.

1609561_10200557707705356_1030268424_n (2)Jeremy Kramer

Jeremy has been working with wood for as long as he can remember. Building has been one of his professional passions from the beginning of his career when he built new homes in his 20’s. Now he find the most pleasure from working on individual pieces for inside the home, creating beautiful work that families will use in their lives everyday. When he isn’t making handcrafted wood furnishings, Jeremy thrives on researching and rebuilding classic rv’s and motorhomes, taking them from sometimes near ruin to complete renovation. You can see his latest project by clicking here.

DSC_0425Quincee Wilmot
504 Square Feet Studio Assistant

We call Quincee our detail diva, because everything she does is to perfection. During the summer when she’d not committed to her studies, Quincee assists Cassy with tasks that range from production of ceramic work to studio maintenance to packaging and delivery of orders. When Quincee isn’t playing basketball for her high school or studying for her next exam, she’s creating an amazing body of original artwork from Duct Tape. Yes. You read that correctly, Duct Tape, and we will feature her work on the site here when the next line comes out.

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